Dinner date with Gynette! :)

By 9:00 AM

We finally met up again! Met Gynette at Nex for a dinner treat! And she passed me lots of goodies she bought for me as well!! My belated birthday presents! Love all of it!! :)

My best friend since pri. school! :D 
11 years and counting~
Really glad we kept in contact all these while!!

 And the hot stone salmon rice which the both of us thought of immediately after she suggested MOF for dinner! Great minds think alike! hehehe..

Followed by a cup of matcha latte with cute latte art for me & iced tea for her!

Was quite disappointed with the latte art though.. Expecting something cuter like the ones i saw on instagram :( but oh well.. will hv to settle for this :/

 Gynette mimicking my new creation on my matcha latte! Lol!

Do u think my attempt to draw the eyes and nose was better? hehehe.. I took my first sip and the eyes and nose disappeared so i attempted to draw new eyes and nose for my "bear" hahaha..

And a desperate attempt to cover my fat chubby face LOL!

Short evening spent with dearest Gynette but it was really nice just sitting down for a cup of drink and chatting about anything under the sun! :D 

Next round, let's go for phototaking session and swimming kay!! :)
Looking forward to our next meet up! 
Love u dear! <3

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