Loklok dinner with ABCE

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Sorry for the late updates!! Wanted to post this up since Thursday but i was so busy and lazy.. I will try my best to update more often! Slowly settling into working life and sleeping in late on weekends are such a luxury! :) Weekends and holidays are my favourite days now~

After reading blogger Yina's blogpost on Lok Lok in Singapore, Chewy, Chua, Bb & I decided to check it out too! :D

First two pictures of this entry are not mine, they are from http://yinagoh.blogspot.sg/2012/10/malaysia-local-delights-lok-lok-in.html :) 

Took those pictures becos i forgot to take a picture of the menu & signboard hehe..  :p
 Picture credits to: yinagoh

The rest of the pictures are from Nikky! :D

And guess what i found there? :)
Angry bird fishcakes!!!

So cute right? hehe!!
It's essential to camwhore with the cute fishcakes! :p
The fridge and shelves that we got all our food! :)

Angry birds!!! SOO CUTE! hehehe..

And bffs chua & chewy! :D

And that's me with my crab fish cake hehe..!

Crabby in Tom Yam soup base :)

And self shot with the cute angry birds! :D

That's cute chua with all our sticks of meat!

Satay soup base and Tom Yam soup base! :D

Having fun with Lok Lok! <3

Smokey effect for bb & chewy! :)

And we finally found the sticks of Ba Kwa after so long! hehehhe..
Yummy! hehehe.. Ba Kwa with satay sauce!

And our self achievements for the day! :D
Everyone ate at least 40 sticks hehe.. And chewy was Abalone queen for the day! haha.. we also had team chua & me VS. team bb & chewy lol!

 V v full after our Lok Lok buffet!! :D

Overall, i think the Lok Lok buffet was quite not bad, but you need to eat alot to make your money worth haha..We each had nearly 2 cups of drinks becos the soup base was quite spicy lol~ 
Esp the tom yam soup base! haha.. 

A place to find Lok Lok without travelling to Malaysia! And they open till very late as well! :D

Malaysian Local Delights 

224 Tanjong Katong Road 
 Tel: 6440 8378

Love u all ABE!! 

More meet ups soon! And let us settle our trip's plans soon!! :D
Cya all soon!!!

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