From Paris with love~

By 8:00 AM

From Paris with love! <3

Can't believe little bro actually managed to buy this back during his school trip to Germany/Europe. *jealous*

But he managed to shut my mouth up with Ladurée Macarons! *hehe*
No Duffy bear from Paris Disneyland but Ladurée Macarons are good enough too! :D

 Pretty packaging and pretty pastel looking macarons! 
Ps: no idea if i spelt it wrongly! Macarons or macaroons? Can someone enlighten me? :p

 The brown ones which are salted caramel are the most yummy IMO! :D *yums* 

It's different from those from TWG, it's not too sweet and very light! Best macarons i have tasted so far!! 

Trying out the vanilla flavour! Also yummy! hehe!

Just a very short post! Longer post with pictures of Scandinavia trip coming up! Stay tuned! :D

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