Summer Holidays in Scandinavia Day3-4

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Thousand apologies for posting up this post later than expected. Have been drained out at work, despite it being the "honeymoon period". I'm so tired *Need some energy booster*!

Anyway, here's the post as promised! Lots of photos ahead!

Day 3-4 of Scandinavia Summer Holidays! :)

Aalborg -> Stavanger

I love buffet breakfast spreads during all the overseas trips! :D
YUM! another great start to the day with yummy breakkie!

Leaving our rest stop for the previous night :)

On our way to head to Hirsthals where we board our ferry to cross the Skagerrak to the port of Kristiansand in Norway :)

 Love how the grass is moving along with the breeze :)

To take the ferry to Kristiansand :)

The temperatures at the different places :)

The row of cute vintage cars waiting to board the ferry too :D

The main lobby~

While waiting for lunch~

Lunch time! :)

Check out the cute drinks and yoghurt!

Our yummy dessert!

Noodles! U will miss noodles when u've had Western food for a few days consecutively :) 

Outfit for the day~ Trying to fight the strong strong winds!

It was a wrong idea to attempt a jumpshot. Nearly flew away and I look like a crazy woman! LOL!
Will brave the icy winds for a nice picture!

Cute cute magnet! <3

We went to board our bus in order to get off the ferry :D And check out the interesting scene of motorcyclists getting ready to get off the ferry too :)

The straps that were keeping the motorcycles in place while the ferry was moving~

Gearing up to brave the cold cold wind~

And off we go! :)

Reached Kristiansand! :)

Pretty houses! :)

If only we could get off and take a picture :) 

Postcard worthy scenery!

Check out the rows of flowers placed inside and outside of the house! :) so pretty!

The blue sky and fluffy clouds 

On our way to the restaurant for dinner :)

Check out how much the ppl there love the sun! Wearing sunglasses to chill out in the glaring sun :) A scene you will never see in Singapore except near the beach.. This is something i won't do. LOL..

Climbing the steep slope up to our dinner spot~

My little brother :p

Here we are! :)

Yummy creamy soup *slurps* love the potato bits!

With bread!

Random sight while looking out of the window when i was waiting for my main course :p

Chicken! Love the mushrooms hehe..

And a slice of huge chocolate cake that was too sweet for everyone.. :X

Satisfied tummy after dinner :D

And not forgetting a photo stop at the medieval Stavanger Cathedral with it's exceptionally well preserved exterior :)

My natural instinct was to plop down right next to the bed of pretty flowers and take a picture! :p

Really pretty flowers!! Love the colours hehe! 

And that's the end of the day where we head back to our hotel for the night and rest before the start of the next day! :)

Summary of places visited:
Hirsthals, port of Kristiansand in Norway, Stavanger- one of Norway's oldest town, Stavanger Cathederal, Old Stavanger

Stay tuned for the next post!

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