Halloween Horror Night 2012

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Here's a belated post on Halloween Horror Night 2012! :D

Decided to do something different this year and celebrate Halloween for the first time! :D
Lumix camera brought along for this trip to USS!

Headgears checked!
Tickets checked! 
We are ready to go in! 
Brought my kitty headband along but i was greedy and bought the blinking horns at USS too :p

With B <3

My human shield for the entire night!

We practically ran in after we entered USS, got chased by some "ghosts"/ dolls as well as trying to beat the crowd at USS that night :)

It was full house that night :0 10,000 ppl all at USS too! :(
While q-ing for our first haunted house- House of Damnation

It was the scariest imo!

And here's a spooky picture of me and B *spot the lady behind me* yikes!

The entrance to the first haunted house! Really scared of the wall with all the bloody hands and the maggots omg.. yucks.. fear factor: 9/10
 it would have been 12/10 if they let us in by smaller groups. Luckily they didn't, haha.. or not i think i would have hyperventilated or lost my voice.

Moving on to the 2nd haunted house where we were still recovering from the shock from the first haunted house ;p

Braving the long long queues~

The sinister smirk by B~ we think he can audition for Halloween Horror Night 2013 already hahaha..

More photo-taking to make the queue time "shorter"!

Thanks to Gynette for the cute kitty hairband she bought for me! *love u*

Le Act Cute Couple

Our scary face look hahaha.. LOL!

Those who've q-ed for "The Insanitarium" would have taken a picture of this place haha.. *too bored*

We were too busy the entire night, running from haunted houses to the next and 80% of our time was spent q-ing.. lol! And of course, not forgetting how we exchanged our headbands to take pictures hehe!

Can't believe we didn't even have time to stop and take pictures with the "ghosts" :/

Worn out and tired B <3
Thank you for being so patient dear! And being our Doraemon for the night! Providing sweets, drinks and food from your bagpack!

"The Insanitarium"wasn't as scary as the first one. Didn't like "The Insanitarium" because of the water which came from dubious source and seems yucky haha.. and the smell at one of the rooms.. as well as the trail that was so crowded that we were moving in a train-like form.. even if u wanted to avoid a "ghost" you can't run because there's a whole trail of people in front of u..

It was that crowded -_-

Hence, fear factor: 7/10 becos the effects were not as good as the first!

Moving on~ 
3rd and final haunted house for the night! 
The Death Alley

*with the song "wo deng zhi ni hui lai" playing incessantly in the background*

Spot the bunch of guys/kids behind us.. they were so irritating. Scaring us and laughing at us when we (me, chewy, bb) were screaming.. arghh.. :x they were probably not scared becos we (me, chewy, bb) were the targets of every single "ghosts" in the death alley *esp the ah ma* (shudders + shievers)

We nearly got stuck at one part of the haunted house trail when a "ghost" wouldn't leave chewy alone :x 

And chewy found an extra new horns headband along the trail while screaming.. LOL! *pro*

I think somebody dropped it while screaming their heads off.. haha..

Overall, Death Alley was the 2nd best between the 3 haunted houses :)
*scary little girl with the doll, yikes!*

Moving on, we braved the Total Lockdown zombified area where we were too busy screaming before chionging to the Transformer ride to catch our breath.

Back to q-ing again~
The newly acquired horns haha..( we cleaned it with anitbacterial wipes and it was as good as new!)

So sleepy and tired but still need to queue!

My kitty cat bf~ LOL!

and everyone's texting away~ That's me trying to get involved becos my hp died already :x no battery *sobs*

And after the Transformer ride, chewy & bb left first while I continued with B for the last ride before we leave :)

Cylon roller coaster! q-ed so long until we had to pay for our locker! the q was an hour plus long :( but oh well! all's good for a thrilling experience taking roller coaster at night! hehe!

A night filled with screams and laughter, smeared eyeliner, sweaty palms and strobing others with our horns headband hahaha.. Looking forward to Halloween next year! :D

Pls pardon the tired and worn out look in the last pic hahaha.. :p

Reached home in the wee hours around 3plus am in the morning and crashed in bed.. 

Good night everyone! Time for bed now becos tmr's Monday again! *Monday blues*

Keeping fingers crossed that the pending issues have been resolved! *pretty pls*
Stay tuned for more posts on my first treat with my first official paycheque~ *big hole in my pocket* :/
Lots of food pictures to look out for! :)

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