My First Treat with my First Paycheque

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Apologies for the delay in posts for the past week! :p Have been feeling really tired for the past few days and all I do would be to crash in bed haha.. It's finally the weekends again and I took a really nice afternoon nap just now! :D *recharged*

Nearly had a blog crisis just now becos i hit the limit of the photos storage in my Picasa web albums and they didn't allow me to upload any photo *sobs* BUT! All's well now! :) I just have to keep all my images below 2800 pixels from now onwards.. 

Here's the post on my first treat with my first official paycheque! *feels pinch in my wallet*

Made reservations for 6 ppl for the a la carte buffet at Ban Heng Pavilion :)

Here are the details for the restaurant:

Ban Heng Pavilion Restaurant
#04-01 Harbourfront Centre
Tel: 6278 0288

Saw the adverts for this restaurant on newspapers and decided to give it a shot :)
We choose Menu B which was the slightly more expensive menu has it has fresh seafood included, but only 1 serving each haha.. The rest on the menu was free flow which means we could order as many times as possible!

Wedding dinner setting lol..!

There's this buffet area right in the middle and we were seated right next to it :) Some of the dishes on the menu are placed right in the middle and you can help yourself to as many servings as you want!

Some of the dishes from the self serving stations :)

Cute B with my favourite green bear shirt- all ready to start eating alot alot!

The usual plate of nuts as the appetiser~

Here comes all the dishes!! *slurps*

BBQ Pork with Honey

Drunken Chicken
Not bad! :) Looks like a small portion, but you can order more if you want to!

Shark's Fin with Dried Scallop & Crabmeat (one serving only)
Yummy :)
Wok-fried Venison with Black Pepper Sauce
The deer meat was quite chewy and nice! :D

Deep-fried 'Soon Hock' with Superior Soya Sauce
YUMS! This was good!!! Fish was fresh! yummy!

Poached Live Prawns (one serving only)
Fresh! :) couldn't resist and ate one :p

Wok-fried Kang Kong with Sambal
My all time favourite! YUM! But... they gave us a really huge portion for 6 ppl. I think it was enough for 10 -_- Super generous helping for vegetables lol! And they refuse to clear it away for us becos we didn't finish at least 4/5 of the whole dish or so.. ;x So this dish remained on the table until we finished all our other dishes.. 

Scallops and Jelly Fish in XO Sauce (one serving only)
This was really good! I love the scallops and the sauce! One of my favourites of the night! If only we could order another serving :(

Frog Meat with Spring Onion & Ginger (one serving only)
YUM! Now i understand why this dishes are only allowed one serving only haha..

Chili Crab
Not a very big portion :( Oh well.. but it was not bad! Wished that the sauce was more spicy though.. it was sweet > spicy.. And! they didn't have mantous :( my favourite fried man tous were not there to accompany the chili crab *sobs* if there's man tous, i would probably call a few servings of man tous hahaha..

Fried Tofu with Thai Sauce
Not bad! passable haha.. but nothing very special..

Red bean paste and Herbal Jelly
Had numerous bowls of both haha.. Yum! if only they had more variety for Dessert like fruits and Yam paste hahaha.. 

Greedy me.. waiting for the last few dishes before we call it a day! :p

Stir-fried Broccoli with minced garlic
Waited so long for this.. which i couldn't comprehend why.. Saw them serving to almost every single table except ours -_- Luckily the taste was still not bad haha..

Steamed Live Deep Sea Grey Mullet Fish in Hongkong Style
Another fish for double dose of omega3 :) Love steamed fish!

Braised Goose Meat
It was abit tough but not too bad :)

Mini Octopus with special sauce
Hmm.. so so :)

Prawn Salad
No comments haha.. Just like what you will usually get from a cold dish during wedding dinners :)

Looking all satisfied and bloated after the hearty meal! :D
*need to exercise*

Haha.. no pics of my family members becos they didn't give me permission to upload haha.. So it seems as if the 2 of us finished such a hearty meal.. Pictures of food above are all portions for 6! :)

First time when the bill is directed to me~ i feel so grown up. LOL! And i totally can feel the big hole in my pocket! hahaha.. but it's all worth it! Overall, i had a good experience for this buffet and would recommend others to try it as well! Reasonable price for the wide spread of variety! And service was not bad too! Clean plates are given every now and then, just like the service you will get when you attend wedding dinners :p

More posts coming up soon! 2 posts scheduled for this week to make up for the inactivity for the past week :p
That's all for now! Stay tuned!! :D

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