Random Gumballs & Toast

By 1:03 AM

This is just a very random post of gumballs & toast~

Introducing... *Le Nom Toast*
Cute? :)

Inspired by all the cute food blogs i've seen and decided to decorate my garlic toast as well! :D
Nom nom nom~ Yums!

Hoping to have a fruitful baking/cooking session by next week!


 Le Gumball machine bought when I was in Sweden along the streets leading to the H&M shopping street :D

Planning to fill it with M&Ms.. the sweets inside looks too plastic & dubious to be consumed!
Should i bring this with me to my workplace?:p 
*just wondering* LOL.. childish to the max!

Oh well.. shall leave it aside for the time being! 
Be back tmr! Next post will be up tmr! :D See Ya!!

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