Old school playground with B Love :)

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And so we head to Mount Emily Park after having a filling lunch @ Clarke Quay & doing my nails at Far East at the usual manicure shop :p

A quiet little park hidden behind the Dhoby Ghaut area :) Had to walk quite a bit before we reached this place!

Old school playground!! :)
Immediately hopped onto a swing hahaha..


B's turn! :D

Happy B~

Showing off my pretty manicure!! My birthday treat from B! <3

Fixed the disgusting cracked big toe nail as well! :)

Miss my long hair! Although my hair is not very short now.. but i miss my hair at this length :/

Time for some couple shots! :D

Suppose to act serious hahahha.. but i didn't lol!

Love u! <3

 Next to the seesaws!!

 My balancing act! :p


 And a grumpy little girl comes along and joins us at the playground.. haha.. we attempted to play with her and make her smile but she ignored us -_-''' And continued to give us this expression :( 

 Old school tic tac toe! 

 OK.. laugh ba! hahaha.. i was trying to do a cross sign but it ended up looking like power ranger lol! hahahhaha....

 B & Monkey Bars~

Like a pro lo!

 5 mins later~
B: I shouldn't have held on for so long.. :0

 10 mins later~ LOL! 
B: AHHHHHH!!! i can't take it already! 

Big kid on the slide hahhaha..

 Messy Hair~ :x

 I think B was attempting some stunt lol!

And after playing and making a fool of ourselves at the playground for quite a while, we head to Nandos with our vouchers in hand for our free chicken! Yay!!!

Yum tum tum!! That's all for today's post of 2 kiddos at the old school playground! :p

Till the next post!! Check back again soon! :)

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