Carpenter & Cook with Bestie

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Finally met up with my dearest Bestie!! :D
Guess where we went to?

Carpenter & Cook @ 19 Lorong Kilat, #01-06 

Really wanted to head there ever since i spotted the cafe when we went to Nook the other time! :) It's just located a few doors apart!

A vintage home store & bakery cafe :)
Love the cafe's decor! So cozy~

The sweet treats at the counter! So tempted to try all! :p 

And the pretty vintage floor tiles! :D

As well as the warm lighting~

Our table with our waiting number- the old school mug with the number 5 :)

Our brunch hehe.. The plates serving the sweet & savoury treats are really pretty!!

Bestie with the whole table of goodies!!

Voted number 1 by the both of us! Number 1 when compared with everything else we ordered hehe! Lemon Drizzle!!
Every single bite of this sweet treat gives you a refreshing taste of lemon :) It's really yummy! Not too buttery and you won't get sick of it regardless of how many slices you've already gobbled up :D

English Breakfast Tea

And a cup of Cappuccino
Nothing special..I guess coffee is not their specialty :p

An old school weighing scale on our table as well~

And wall decor of old pots & pans :D

Oopsy didn't mean to slouch lol!

And this bun with bits of bacon that they will heat up for you! Our 2nd favourite for the day becos the bun is oh so soft!! It was really yummy esp after they heated it up and served to us! For the price, i would say it's not worth it..but you might regret not trying it :p 

And the photo worthy tart that looks really yummy! Check out the cute smiley face! But it was rather disappointing becos we felt that it was too buttery! Probably for ppl who prefer a strong taste of butter in their pastries would like this tart :D

Not forgetting this chocolate tart with sea salt caramel! :D It's quite yummy esp for chocolate lovers and those with a sweet tooth! Advisable to share this tart, wouldn't be able to finish the whole tart on my own. It got abit too rich for my liking after my second bite :p

Pretty flowers on our table!

And a very nice lady took this picture for us! :D

My belated birthday present from Bestie! Love it!! :D

Don't you just love the decor of the shop?:) 
The items displayed are for sale too!!!

Outfits of the day! :D
For me: My new Charlie Chaplin asymmetrical hem dress with my denim shirt, black oxford heels & my new favourite necklace "Chloe" :) not forgetting my trusty bulky camera bag!

Love you bestie!!
That's all for this post! Can't wait for another cafe hopping trip soon!! :D Counting down to the end of holidays.. booo :(

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