The Art Of The Bricks Exhibition

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:( Have been procrastinating and been busy again.. didn't keep to my promised weekly posts but pls dont abandon me! Please continue to visit this space for weekly updates!! I will try my best to preload all my posts properly :p

Bringing on the post on our visit to the Art Science Musuem @ MBS for The Art Of The Bricks exhibition! :D

I wanted to attempt a new blogging style but shall do it on the next post since I've already uploaded my pics for this post! Hope it works out!

Outfit of the day: White crotchet dress from HerVelvetVase :D
Check out my new hairclip from B's sis! So pretty hehe~

B <3

It was our first visit at the Art Science Musuem! :D
*so excited!*

Art Of The Brick Musuem! :)

Tickets checked! :p
Guide checked!

1st Day of the New Year 2013! :p
Psst! Singaporeans have local resident rates when you visit the museum! :)

The first exhibit that we saw 0_0 Impressive~!

More more more! :D

Check out how huge the exhibit/lego sculpture was as compared to me! :D

Mr Thinker & me! :p

My favourite shape <3

Do i look like i'm in the exhibit too? An apple a day keeps the doctor away! :D 
*gosh i look like i have short hair here lol!*

B Love! So cute! :p

How it all started with a few tiny lego pieces~

Trying to act cool!

Trying to act like i was thinking really hard..

Raindrops are falling down my head~ *hums*

One of my favourite pics for the day! V colourful!!

A little kid who looks like mini Harry Potter fixing the lego bricks :p

That was our combined effort in trying to create the 3D water droplet :D

Hehe~ Acting silly by mimicking the different poses :p

There's a lighted area for u to "play" with your shadows! :p

Check out the "paintings"!

And we got ourselves pixellated too!! :p

Cute kid alert! :p

Le Pixellated couple~

Check out the huge pencil that I was trying to grab! :p

Check out my kiddy drawings! :p

And the 2nd last area of the exhibition.. Didn't like it much though.. too dark as in literally and scary! With all the smoky/foggy effect, feels like a haunted house hahaha.. ok.. i'm exaggerating.. but you get what i mean? :x

Scary looking~ scary probably also because it's the plain naked truth where everyone wears a certain mask in their lives..That's my interpretation :p

I was relieved to get to a brighter part of the exhibition! :p

Drama King

Reminds me of the "Night at the Museum" movie.. lol!

And a mini replica of the Art Science Musuem! :)

Didn't manage to try it out thought hahaha.. too many little kids around :p

Check out the maze on the wall!!

Lovey :p

And me! :p

We built our own house! :) will a lift at the side haha.. Personal lift!

That's us at the top! hahaha..

Another cute kid!! :p

Check out this cool phone that is not a phone!! hahaha.. It's an alarm clock and table lamp! :p

Super cute torch!
*May the force be with u*

That's all for the Art Of the Bricks Exhibition! :) Worth a visit! Lots of interactive and hands on activity to engage in!

Next we went to the basement for the Magnum Outside In Exhibition :)

And it's all about photography! From the history to a series of photography works :)

Cute rolls of films/negatives~

And these are all cardboard figurines hehe! Looks real right?!!

In the dark room! A pity we didn't visit this exhibition during the days where they had the free workshop :(

Does this look real? hahaha..

After visiting both of the exhibitions, we went on to Teo Heng @ Katong to be singers wannabes.. "Sang" till we had hoarse voices but it was shiok! :p

And thus we ended up at Soup Spoon for yummy soup to soothe the throat~

The super worth it buddy meal from The Soup Spoon! :D

All of the food below for less than $20!! 

This bowl of soup wins all the rest hands down! look at the ingredients!!!! :0

Smoked salmon sandwich! YUMs

That's all for this post! Please do check back again soon! :) I promise to blog more often but it's really hard to fight how tired I feel after work :( Just hoping my workload will be more manageable :x


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