Redang Cruise Trip Part 2! :D

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So sorry for the super long hiatus from my blog! Have been really busy with work :( my workload is crazy now.. I hate to refresh my inbox.. arghh.. but anyway~ i promise to blog much more often from today onwards! Lots of pictures to blog about, so stay tuned! :D

Thank u Ben, Bestie, Chewy and also Rosanne (B told me you read my blog too! :) Thank u!!)
for being loyal readers of my blog!! :D

After saving this post in my drafts folder for so long, I decided to go ahead and post this exciting part of our 2012 cruise trip to Redang first! :p
Part 1 will be up once i sort out the pictures hehe!

Please pardon me for the quality of this series of photos becos they are taken using the old Fujifilm digital camera. It's not Nikky, nor is it Lumix. It's their predecessor haha.. Brought this camera out with us on our snorkelling trip becos there's no lockers provided when we snorkel :p

Excitedly heading to the gathering area at The Lido getting ready to disembark for our snorkelling trip! :D

B & me :)

Our excursion tickets :D

I was excitedly spamming on sunblock while waiting to disembark haha.. So no pictures of me! Here's a picture of B instead :p

And we finally got onto a highly vomit inducing/ giddy ferry ride to the Marine Park for snorkelling! :D

Cute superman couple! :)

Further and further away from Superstar Virgo~

Playing some games to distract ourselves from the giddy ferry ride :p

And we are finally here after around 15 mins or so! :)

Pretty waters!!! But Bestie told me it was even nicer the last time when she came. Waters are abit more murky already :(

Queuing to collect our equipment and we bought a bag of bread!! :D

Armed with my underwater camera and bread and we are ready to go! :)

Everyone's getting ready!

My favourite picture for the day!

1 more! :)

And this is me hahahha.. with my snorkel mask! :p

Bestie! :)

And we are ready to hit the waters! Come on fishies we are armed with lots of yummy bread! hehehe..

And here are the pictures developed from my underwater camera! hehe!

Check out my fogged up snorkel mask~ It was highly irritating as it fogged up every 10-20 secs :( had to clear the fog and it was so tiring haha..

Beautiful weather and B love :) 

Everyone's excitedly feeding the fishes haha.. I think Bestie was exclaiming about the fishes surrounding her becos Ben and Zai threw the bread near her.. Lol!

Check out the fishes!! So pretty!

Check out the fish right in the middle looking straight into my camera! :D

B & me! :)

Fishes snatching the bread hehe..

LOL at my fringe.. I badly need a digital underwater camera next time round.. The film camera is too difficult to take pictures hahaha. Can't even check if you have taken a nice picture or not.. haha!

All the hungry fishes! :0

Back to using my trusty Fujifilm digital camera! Pictures before we leave the beautiful marine park :)

Byeee~! We will be back! :)

Thank goodness for the good weather!

Look the the amount of mini fishes! We snorkel past this area! :D 
What a pity the water wasn't as clear as i thought it was.. or is it my snorkelling mask? hmm.. hope to go on more snorkelling trips elsewhere soon! :) Working hard towards my dream holiday destination!!

Superman Couple :p

Picture with B before we left the Marine Park :)

Back to the dizzy ferry to bring us back to Superstar Virgo :/

Please pardon my cui~ looking face haha.. Tired from all the snorkelling and feeding of fishes haha..

It was a great first time experience and I will definitely look forward to more of such trips!! <3

Part 3 coming up soon! B and I rushed back to change out from our swimwear and head to the main island of redang! More pictures soon!! 

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  1. Hi,
    looking at your posts really excites me for my cruise holiday to redang this 17th! but i'd just like to ask about the snorkelling. Did you have to pay separately, as in you had to pay when you sign up for the activity itself?

    Bella :)

    1. Hello! :)
      Thank you for your sweet comment! Yup for snorkelling you will have to pay separately. After you board the cruise, you can approach the reception at the main lobby, the place to sign up is on the left hand side if i never rmb wrongly :p They will charge it to your room card and you can make the payment on the last day before you disembark from the cruise. :)

      Best regards,

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