Last post for 2012 :)

By 9:35 PM

The things that i am thankful for in 2012:

The various overseas trips that i've been on.. Especially my first overseas trip with friends to Korea *big self achievement* hehe!
Successfully graduated.. but convocation is in 2013 :)
New friendships forged, old friendships strengthened..
Loved ones showering me with lots of love & patience..
Successfully landing myself in a job..
Completion of four 10km runs *personal achievement*..
Last but not least,
The start of this blog!

Thank you for all the hits thus far and thank u for reading my blog although it's kinda boring.. Haha.. *ps: B thanks for being my loyal reader hehe!*
My readers are the driving force for me to blog, no matter how many there are :)

2012 has been a great year! Please let 2013 be even more fantastic! :D

Simply hoping that 2013 will be a year where everything goes on smoothly and my loved ones will all stay safe & healthy!


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