Christmas with B Love, Bestie & Zaihui

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Hello! I'm back! Sorry! Initially promised a post during the Christmas public holidays but was too busy!! Finally completed the to-do items for the day and tried my best to clear some work.. *Sleepy* haha.. Decided to rush out this blogpost before lazy me decides to snooze again :p

Anyway, this blogpost would be about our Christmas double date with Bestie & Zai :)
Boo~ Check out those black roots..argh.. Time to head to the salon soon :p

Our day started off at St Games Cafe :) 1 hour of Wii and 1 hour of Kinect that left all of us sweating like mad.. hahaha.. 
This pic was before our Kinect session, still not sweating yet haha..

Haha.. I have no idea where was B looking at lol! Look at the camera man! :p
Cutie B :p

Now a more decent group picture! :)
No sneaky look from B lol!

And the 3 of us, all resting on the couch after dancing and bowling pin rush madness!

And it's time for tea! We went to Hoshino Coffee at the new extension of Plaza Singapura! YUMS!
All the fake food looks so real and yummy! *drools*

And then it's time for gift exchange!! :D

Our gift for our favourite couple!

And Bestie's gifts for the 3 of us!

Ben's speaker! Such a cutie right? :D

And my favourite mustache from my bestie! With a super handy wire binder! *just what i needed!* Thks Bestie!! Muacks!

Le Robot which was lighted up!

Here comes the first dish! Spaghetti!!! with the *gasps OMG* Runny egg right in the middle!!!
Smells and tastes v good! Will be back for this!

The one beside the white robot is Zai's present from Bestie! Also a speaker! haha.. so cute!!! 

Both with food in their mouth so they look abit puffy hehe.. :p
They have the couple look (fu qi lian) right? ;)

And we highly recommend this French Toast! :D

Next up will be a series of mustache pictures hehe!

Mini Mustache

Extra Large mustache

Robot with Mustache

*thumbs up* Fierce Mr Mustache

Pouting Miss Mustache *cute!*

Act cute Miss Mustache

Last but not least, Cheeky Mr Mustache!

Which one do u like the most?;p

Here's one more haha.. Chipmunk Miss Mustache

Oops! Last dish is here! That's all for our mustache mania haha..

Pancake Souffle Style with Matcha & Ogura Bean Paste

So-so haha..Not very special..looks good though! :D

Service was slow on a weekend.. and the staff got our order wrong for this last pancake.. hmm.. might still head back for the spaghetti & french toast though! :p

And we went for movies after our yummy tea break! :)

Nice movie!!!! I would rank it as good as "Up!" 4 popcorns out of 5! hehe..! Would love to try out the game in real life! :)

 Before the movie~

After which, we head to City Hall for dinner! :)

Bought 2 bread from Tiong Bahru Bakery for breakfast too!
Chocolate croissant & Kouign Aman (not sure if i spelt it correctly :p)

The bread didn't disappoint for the expensive price we had to pay! It was yummy and huge! Would love to head back to dine in one day :)

My expensive bread~ lol!

Our initial dinner location planned was at Salt Tapas & Bar but we decided to give it a miss as it was too expensive for the small portion of food :x Maybe when we are all richer, then we will head back here haha..

Pretty pretty Christmas tree!!!
With my bestie!! <3

Love u bestie! Let's go on a holiday again soon!!! :)

Bro-mance :p

Wishing upon a star~

Headed to Chijmes for dinner! Settled by "Bobby's" with recommendations by Bestie :)

Outdoor dining with a nice ambience.. a pity there's no live music like the outdoor dining area at Robertson Quay..
 We had projector screens showing live soccer match though haha..

Yummy pork ribs!

Buffalo Wings that wasn't as good as Timbre's :p
I think they added Tabasco sauce to it? haha.. i'm not sure.. but the best Buffalo Wings thus far still goes to Timbre (in my opinion) :)

And Bobby's Pizza! It was yummy!! Food was good! But on the more expensive side~ 
But the festive season is a time to splurge once in a while right? :)

Tis the season to be jolly~ Falalalala~ Lalalala!

That's all for this post! Hope you enjoyed reading it!

Next post will be up soon *i hope!* :D Time to do up my new year's resolutions! Good night! :)

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