Maritime Museum with Agnes & BB

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*dusts off dusts accumulated on my blog for the past few days*

Here's my post on our trip to the Maritime Museum as promised :D 

Arrived at Waterfront stop from Sentosa Express and headed to the left hand side of USS :)

Gloomy & rainy day! Thk goodness we were heading indoors :)
The duo in blue :p bb and chewy
The Oceanarium was not open when we went.. but we saw one of the huge tanks with so many sharks!! @_@ wow.. definitely giving it a visit one day! Some pictures at the later part of this post :)

The restaurant/food place within the musuem

The large animated lion head with animation showing the story of the voyages of Zheng He
Grabbed a map and we were ready to go :) *psst! i realised that taking the map was somewhat redundant becos the museum was really small*

Some of the exhibits on display~

Picture time! With our paper puppets! There were lots of activities for kids to do some colouring, make a ship etc.. Probably a museum more suitable for kids :p

Alot of interactive boards like these available to explore!

Not forgetting to take a pic with the camel~ 

LOL~ i look so retarded here hahaha..
@ the Souvenir Store~

Check out the cute Zheng He bear!! It's $10 only hehe!

One more pic of Zheng He Bear <3

Scary hanging exhibit..=_=

Cute hammerhead shark plushie!

Pretty but expensive radio~

Cutie chewy!

Joining in the fun hehe!

Kissing fishes! *muackx muackx*

And we chanced upon a mini preview of the Oceanarium that was not opened yet at that time :)

Check out this huge shark!

Picture time with the shark pool as the backdrop :D

Check out the number of sharks in the shark pool! Scary!!

Bb the "bully" :p

So many cute plushies!!!

The uber cute colourful buddha statute!

Smiling buddha *winks*

And an area with interactive panels where you can attempt to shape your own pottery with your own design! :D

Cute Bb! Love her dress hehe!

Interesting batteries!!

And we proceeded to Ramen Play for dinner :)

The ramen was pretty good! *thumbs up* love the egg!! *drools~*

Love the garlic chips! 
We spammed it like it's cheese or chili flakes :p

Chua's drinks :D

Cheezy goodness!


And Christmas decor @ Vivo :)

Ending off the pic with cute chua the reindeer! :D 

XXOO, next post will be up soon! Stay tuned!

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