Happy afternoon at Chewy's house :)

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It's been harder and harder to blog consistently because of work. After reaching home everyday, all  I feel like doing is to sleep :x So, instead of 2 posts a week, I can only manage with a weekly post instead :( 

Hopefully I will still have readers :/ Lots of pictures piling up but I can't help but feel so sleepy everyday :(

*spent the whole sunday sleeping and lazing in bed :p*

Anyway, here's the pictures from the happy afternoon spent at Chewy's place with Edelyn & Chewy! :)

We met up near 112 Katong to head to Hey, Cupcakes for the cutie sesame street cupcakes that I saw on instagram! 

Here's the address! :)

428 Joo Chiat Road 
Singapore 427645

Tel: 63450113 

Tadaa!! So cute right? :D

And chewy the good host prepared abalone flavoured instant noodles complete with an egg each for chua & I! YUMS!

Looks really good right! Love the egg! and of course the noodles hahaha.. Chef Chewy makes the best instant noodles ever! :D

Cute chewy haha..

Ever ready for a picture :p

Check out chewy's cute unicorns!!! So nice right? :)

Brochures and planning for our trip! Time to book air tickets soon guys!! :D

Pictures mostly taken by chua haha.. *thumbs up*

Pretty dreamcatcher!

And the cutie panda lamp!

As well as the vintage phone.. haha.. chewy's room is like a treasure trove.. so many interesting things around! :)

Cute chua! :)

Chua's bag for sale! :p

All decked in red! :)

Forever texting away hahaha..

While chua and I take pics hehe.. 

One each for all 3 of us! :D

Lychee Buttercream on Vanilla Cake

Blueberry Buttercream on Vanilla Cake
*Cookie monster!* :)

Vanilla Bean Frosting on Dark Chocolate cake :D

Then it's picture taking time now!! :)

The poor double chocolate cupcake that got neglected :p

My office laptop desktop picture :D makes my whole day feel better and cheers me up! haha..

One last picture hehe!

And here comes the individual pictures~ :p

Not forgetting the pretty pretty waterfall braids done by chua on my hair!! :D Love it!!! :)

Really love the braids! If only i can do it myself *sobs* oh well.. lousy me.. haha! Special thanks to chua!!! And not forgetting chewy for being such a great host! *thumbs up*

Anyway, it's time for bed now! Good night and looking forward to the upcoming weekends! Woohoo! Lots of things planned for the week! :) 

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