Renaza Girl Journey

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First and foremost, let me share with you the happiest news of the year! As some of you might have known, it’s my honour to be one of the Renaza Girls for this year! :D Sooo happy hehe! I must have used up this year’s quota of lucky stars lol!

It's a year of sponsored services from head to toe by Renaza!  Now, that’s one year of rejuvenating facials, body maintenance, really pretty and sparkly nails and hair!


Finally, i have found a solution to my problem areas! As much as possible, I always edit away the pimples or cover up my acne scars around my cheeks. And yes, don't get me started on the dark eye circles which have been bothering me, accumulated due to late nights and all..

Another concern of mine would be my fine hair which often gives me the flat hair that has no volume at all.. :x And my nails are often boring too :(

Thank you Renaza for giving me this valuable chance to boost my confidence and help in pursuing my dreams!!^^
It's every girl's dreams to have the perfect hair, nails and flawless radiant skin right? ;)

Let me share with you some of my progress thus far!

For my nails
I frequent the Renaza Nail Spa outlet at Asia Square as it is very near to my office! :)
What I like about the nails place would be how it's really clean and cosy to be at!

Check out some of the pretty nail art designs which manicurist Yin did for me! ^^

 These gelish manicure are perfect for my various holidays/vacations as they don't chip easily and are perfect for pictures!! Check out the intricate designs! ^^
Don't you feel tempted to get a set done for yourself too?

Oh yes, I personally feel that their gelish manicure is also pretty lasting. I've tried several gelish manicures previously at Bugis Street (a package i signed previously), but the gelish paint used was sub-standard hence my gelish manicure could not last more than 1-2 weeks. >.< pretty bad right?

After trying out the Gelish Manicure at Renaza, I'm convinced by the quality manicure/pedicure that they provide. My past few experiences for gelish manicures definitely lasted for at least 3 weeks and more! So happy!!
Definitely looking forward to exploring more nail art options in the few months to come!^^

12 Marina View #02-18/19 Asia Square Tower 2 Singapore 018961
Tel: 6844 9288

For my hair
Moving on to my hair..
I will head to the Renaza Wellness Lifestyle Lab at Telok Ayer. It's pretty convenient as it's quite near my office too! Within walking distance.. haha!

Did some transformation to my flat hair by getting a perm and haircut!^^ It definitely did help me to achieve more voluminous, and less boring hair! Definitely easier to style my hair now!

151 Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068609

Tel: 6222 0601 Fax: 6222 0756

For my face
Last but not least, how can I miss out on this most important aspect? The rejuvenating facial treatment session at Renaza is one of the things I look forward to every month!^^

Located at Marina Bay Link Mall, it's super convenient for me to drop by via the Downtown line (just outside the Downtown station)!
I have tried out 3 sessions so far! And I am so loving the results I am seeing!

Just check out this picture of my side cheeks acne before the treatment >.< (hope i don't scare you.) This is the main reason why I need help :(

I have went for several facial sessions at other places previously. I must say I really like Renaza's facial room as it's so cosy and they take care of all aspects from the music to aromatherapy (especially at the start of the treatment session). Instantly calms me down haha.. And I never fail to fall into deep sleep for the past 3 sessions ^^ (except for the extraction part hahaha)
(I'm not ready to post a full face selfie without makeup yet, but i'm confident of doing so in a few month's time with Renaza's help!!)

My skin is not flawless yet, scars are still evident but definitely feels less bumpy with the monthly facial sessions and they are currently using ipl on my skin to target the acne prone areas and lighten the acne scars. Fingers crossed that I will see awesome results real soon! Acne and oil control condition have improved significantly ever since I started on the treatment. There's finally some hope for the dream flawless radiant skin that I hope to achieve :)

8A Marina Boulevard #B2-23 Marina Bay Link Mall Singapore 018984 
Tel: 6323 3018 / 6323 0608 Fax: 6323 4338

Stay tuned for the next update of my Renaza Girl Journey!! I hope to see significant improvement especially for my skin! Fingers crossed! 

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