Unveiling the new White Sands Shopping Mall

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 Hello Easties!
I'm sure most of you are aware that White Sands underwent a major overhaul, but do you know that there are new restaurants and shops which have already opened and are currently operating now?^^ 

For me, White Sands has been one of the places I frequented during my secondary school days as well as the dating place with B, so it holds a significant spot in our hearts ;) I was so happy when I heard that there are shops which have newly opened in White Sands. Yay to more shopping, food options and chillax venue!

Check out my YouTube channel "Chloesays" for my vlog as I bring you through what is available in White Sands now!

Loving the new concept for White Sands where it will offer the perfect local getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. 
Here's how the new White Sands will look like after the renovations are completed:
I've attended the food tasting session with other bloggers at two of the food restaurants at White Sands! ^^
At the first stop of the food tasting session, we went to the newly opened Soup Spoon Union.

So what's different about this Soup Spoon Union as compared to other branches elsewhere? They have 3 brands- The Salad Fork, The Grill Knife and The Soup Spoon. Christian (Marketing manager of The Soup Spoon) shared with us that it is a combination exclusive to White Sands! Woohoo! :D 
The Soup Spoon has all along been my go-to option for comfort food after a tough day at work. I love how soup always makes my tummy feel warm and cosy. Here's 3 of the new soup options which we've tried out:
*in a clockwise manner*
The Aussie Barramundi Chowder with Dill
Gluten & egg free with Barramundi fish which is low in fat and high in Omega 3 & 6. Very healthy option hehe! But slightly on the chunky side. As I prefer clear soup, this was slightly too heavy for my taste buds :p

B.F.F. Stew (Beets, Fennel & Feta Cheese)
A vegetarian option that is also Gluten free. It was an interesting combination which I've never tried before! Pretty tasty and appetising! It's also a chunky and thicker soup option.

Home-style Cock-a-Doodle Soup
Flavourful chicken soup! Not sure if that's the right word to use but i loved this! It's a clear soup option with flat noodles, potatoes, carrots, celery, thyme, sage, parsley, lemons, garlic, onions and the homemade chicken stock. My kind of comfort soup ^^

For The Salad Fork, it is fully customisable where you get to choose your proteins, greens and sauce!  As you can see, the serving is huge! In my opinion, I think this serving is good for two especially for ladies who are not big eaters ^^ Value for money for the generous portion given~
From The Grill Knife, they offer options such as:
Flank Steak Combo with New Zealand Grass-fed Beef, Saussage and Pasta in Japanese Curry Sauce S$16.80
Yums! This dish is perfect for days when you feel like you need more meat to restore your energy hehe! I thought that the Steak can be less well done (personal liking haha!) The pasta was pretty light and not too heavy so it was pretty good!

Grilled Chicken in House Gravy and Soupergrain Quiona Cauliflower Rice S$8.80
One of my top favourites for the session! It was my first try at Cauliflower Rice and it's so good! Healthy yet yummy option! And the Grilled Chicken with house gravy was tender and definitely value for money!

Grilled Salmon and Portobello Mushroom S$16.80
Very photogenic dish with healthy sides!^^ I thought the salmon was slightly overcooked but I love the sauce that came with it :D

Overall, I love this Soup Spoon Union concept and the brands available at this outlet! Comfort food at it's best hehe! Lots of mouthwatering variety available for the health conscious crowd to the ones who can't do without their soup and meat options. Perfect for people like me who always love to have many food options. Heex!
Second stop: Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe ^^

Just check out this table of delightful goodies! Perfect afternoon snacks for a chit chat/ time out session with your friends and family~ prices are pretty affordable too! Another option for your weekend food options! :D
You can never go wrong with thick toast, dim sum, chicken wings, milk tea etc. YUMS!!!
Here are two of my personal favourites out of all these goodies hehehe~!
Mango and Pomelo Cream S$6.90
My favourite mango dessert! Hehe! Loved that it was not too sweet and goes pretty well with the scoop of ice cream ^^

Xin Wang Special Yuen Yang Snow Ice with Grass Jelly S$6.90
 Super huge! Great for sharing for a table of 4 and definitely value for money!^^

Aren't you excited to try out the food options now? :D
On top of the two food restaurants which we have previewed, there's also lots of exciting promotions coming up!

Woohoo!! $1 Weekday special promotion at Koufu Cookhouse!! 
There's a different promotion item every 2 days and it's available from 2-5pm for the first 200 customers only. So gogogo~!
More exciting plans in the upcoming months!^^ 
There's even a Carboot Sale Space for rental on 19 & 20 Sep'15! Aspiring entrepreneurs and those looking to clear their wardrobe space, don't miss the opportunity to register for a flea market/car boot booth!
 Guess what? They even have a movie drive in happening on 19 & 20 Sep'15 too! Pretty cool weekend activity right? I have not really tried out such movie drive in experiences in Singapore, so I'm so psyched to join in the fun too! And they will be screening Jurassic World! YAY!! De-stress session hehe~!

Limited slots only so do get your tickets fast~! ^^
Special thanks to White Sands Management team for the exclusive invite! <3
Hope to be able to share with you more as White Sands unveils more new developments and promotions!^^ Till next time~!

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  1. I love the mango pomelo at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe too~ Didn't know they were still in White Sands!