Alternative Film Awards by TK TrichoKare

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Hi there! :D Presenting to you the Alternative Film Awards by TK TrichoKare. Have you heard about TrichoKare? :)

TrichoKare is the first ISO 9001 certified trichological centre in Singapore that features customized European herbal hair remedies validated by a certified trichologist with products formulated by a professional herbalist.

I guess many of us have different concerns for our hair, let's take a look at what are some of the major hair concerns:

Major hair concerns includes dandruff, hair loss, itchiness & inflammation of the hair scalp.
So, you might be wondering.. What has TrichoKare got to do with the Film Awards? ^^
Proudly presented by TrichoKare, the theme for Alternative Film Awards reflects TrichoKare’s mission to enhance its client’s image and confidence with trichological products and European herbal hair remedy.

Based on the theme, "I deserve to look good and feel great, the campaign runs from July to October 2014. The campaign is open out to Open and Student Categories. Since, it garnered hundreds of welcoming entries from professional film-makers to students from NUS, NTU, SMU, MDIS & more. Finally, from 12 finalists to 8 winners are chosen to receive attractive cash and prizes worth up to $20,000.

Freshly popped Popcorn for the Film Awards yums!

The prize-giving finale was held on 16 November with the presence of our esteemed judges at B1 Atrium of Cathay Cineleisure Orchard. The event saw some sharing from the participants, film-screening, mini games to engage the crowd and popcorn complementing the showdown!

Look who are seen in the panel of our Esteemed Judges?

Mikael Teo (Film Director, Oh Lucky Me Films)
Valkrye Loke (Business Development Manager, TK TrichoKare)

Xiaxue (Singapore Top Blogger)

Adrian Pang (Founder and Artiste Director, Pangdemonium)

"I hope AFA can inspire the community to support film-making and encourage film-makers to share their creativity by taking part in the contest. We take this chance to recognise their work and support their craft and passion. I look forward to the entries!" 

And here are all the talented award winners! :D

The campaign, TrichoKare ALternative FIlm Awards, provides an alternative platform for talented individuals and the Youngs to express their creativity and showcase their skills in film-making.
Where life is too short to settle for less, TrichoKare aims to keep people away from any undeserving thoughts and instill in them the message that they deserve to look good and feel great.
Make it fun! Make it original!

Her are some of the top favorites:

Apart from attending the Alternative Film Awards, I've also got the chance to try out a free hair scalp analysis on the spot! :)

Doing the scalp analysis :S

Yikes, all the clogged up hair follicles on my scalp >.<  Not healthy as I thought my hair would be, no wonder I keep dropping more and more hair everyday :( Time for some TLC for my scalp ^^  

If you would like to check on your hair scalp condition or if you have similar hair concerns mentioned above, do check out the promotion below!
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Hope you enjoyed watching the short films submitted for the Alternative Film Awards! Hope you feel inspired to create your own videos too!;)

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