The Garden of Morning Calm (아침고요수목원) in Spring 2014 ^_^

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My other favourite attraction in Gapyeong has got to be The Garden of Morning Calm (아침고요수목원) ^_^ It's a must visit place during your Korea trip especially if you love flowers and nature! It's simply a pleasant surprise when we reached there with absolutely no expectations at all as we did not do much research on this attraction :p

Directions on how to get to this place will be up in my next post on the guide to the different attractions in Gapyeong!

Entrance fee: 8000 KRW per person 
(we paid lesser as we used a discount coupon we found in one of the tourist brochures hehe! So do check out the brochures for any latest promos)

Spring has got to be my favourite season of all! Not too cold and there's a myriad of colours blooming all around you~ Love it!

The air was really fresh and pleasant! Missing the time we spent there!

Just check out the flowers! Pretty!!

And the beautiful shades of green..

I couldn't help but pose for a picture with this pretty backdrop!Heex!

Just look at the variety of flora & fauna in this place <3

Snap snap snap! Busy clicking away with Sulli, my Rx100ii ^_^

And i was blown away by all these pretty flowers! Flower paradise!!

Lots of photo opportunities as you can see hehe!

There were so many different colours of tulips too!

Haha, don't worry! I definitely did not pluck off that pretty flower! Merely placed my hand there to pose with it ^_^ The backdrop was simply too pretty!

Flower power! Check out the bee in this picture hehe!

And this has got to be one of my favourite pictures! The different shades of green were stunning despite my silly antics haha!

The interior, so pretty!!^_^

Look! There was even a mini train track in one of the many theme gardens within this place!^_^

Would love to visit The Garden of Morning Calm again! Did not manage to explore the whole place due to the tight schedule we had. We were rushing to catch the shuttle bus so that we can get back to Seoul in time :p Will definitely allocate more time for this attraction the next round! 

Here's the map i screenshot from the official website, a rough guide for you to plan your route before heading there ^_^ (PS: the place is pretty huge, so do wear comfortable footwear!)

Refer to for more information! ^_^
You can also refer to this post on my compilation of the places we visited in Gapyeong as well as the various useful maps on how you can get around Gapyeong:
Hope this post is useful for you! ;)

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  1. Hi Chloe, may i asked which date is it that you went to The Garden of Morning Calm? Thank you.

  2. nice spring photos you had!
    i had also a great time during autumn