Spring in Nami Island (남이섬) 2014

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Hi dears! I'm back again! 
In this post, I will be showing you what we did at Nami Island! :D It's my second visit back to Nami Island and this time it's during Spring (April- May 2014)! Love it! Will definitely visit Nami Island again during Winter & Autumn to complete the list haha!

As per my previous visit to Nami Island, this round I also choose to Zip-wire to Nami Island! Wheee!!! Way faster & more thrilling!

Zip wire fees: 38,000 KRW per person (includes Nami Island admission & return ferry back)
  Wheee!! Super exciting! Hehe!

That's B with my other camera, haha! He was supposed to film me, but as he was heavier, all that was captured on the other camera was 1-2 secs of me and that's about it lol!

It was pretty cold when we zip-wired down so remember to zip up before your zip-wire adventure!;)

In less than 2 mins, you would reach Nami Island! Fast and definitely very safe in my opinion hehe! :D

Oh yes, and this is the ferry that brings you to & fro Nami Island. We will be taking this ferry back to Gapyeong Wharf later after touring Nami Island ^_^

Just look at the pretty sight! I was sooo excited! Pleasantly surprised with what I found at Nami Island! ^_^

Pretty pretty maple leaves! :D

Snap snap snap goes the cameras~

Definitely a worthwhile visit although it's my second visit to Nami Island <3

B, the official photographer for the trip hehe love u!

Winter Sonata Filming site <First Kiss>

Spot the cutie bear that is up on the tree! Hehe!

Love wandering around pretty scenic places like these! I can spend all day exploring Nami Island if not for the packed itinerary we have haha! :p

Check out the cute wall murals that we discovered in this unexpected place! :D

There's even a broadcasting station where you get to try being a broadcaster for the day! ^_^ 
(a pity it was not open until 12 noon/1pm and we had to leave before that.)

The official mascots of Nami Island - Cutie snowmen!
Here's our piping hot doughnut that tastes so yummy in the air con weather hehe!
Duffy came along to join us for our Korea adventures too! ("; )

Here's the map of Nami Island and the yellow arrows indicated are the places of interests which we went to take pictures at.

Refer to www.namisum.com for more information! ^_^

You can also refer to this post on my compilation of the places we visited in Gapyeong as well as the various useful maps on how you can get around Gapyeong:
Hope this post is useful for you! ;)

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  1. What camera are you using? :)

    1. Hi! :)

      I was using my Nikon DSLR D5100 and Sony Rx100ii for the trip! Hope this helps!


  2. Do you think we'd get to see the red maple leaves if we go there around first week of April?

    1. Hi dear, I went during the second week of April in the pictures above :) Hope this helps!


  3. Which month did you visit the island? I intend to visit the island on Mid Apr, do you think I am able to see green trees and blossom flowers?

    1. Hi there! :) Pictures featured in this post was our visit to the island during mid April :) Hope this helps!


  4. Hi! I'll be going next week. Do you think I should buy my tickets early?

  5. I love exploring new things in Seoul and your blog makes it easy to come by these places especially for foreigners. Thank you~