My First Digital Perm at Naoki Yoshihara by Ash [Review]

By 8:39 PM

Easily accessible at Liang Court level 2 in the heart of all things J-pop! :D
Don't fret if you are not sure what to do for your new hairstyle or makeover, they have tons of magazines for hairstyle inspirations :)

So excited hehehe!

Although it was my very first experience at digital perm, I trust that my hair is in good hands with Masa-san's reassuring gestures :D

Even the hair wash experience was also very relaxing~ They were very thoughtful and also had a blanket for you to cover with if you feel very cold :p

Despite the language barrier, there was a translator nearby and Masa-san was ever-ready to offer tips on how to style and maintain my newly achieved curls :D Thankful for the fantastic first digital perm experience! Really happy with my new curls which scored many compliments from my friends and family hehe! Only wishing they would last forever.. Haha.. i will be doing digital perm for my next hair treatment, for sure! This digital perm gives my hair the volume that I have been dreaming to achieve! Woohoo! Hope to have a chance to visit Naoki Yoshihara again soon! :D

Special thanks to Nicole from SD for coordinating & B for being the photographer of the day! Thank you for this opportunity Naoki Yoshihara! :D

Hope you like my review of this new salon at Liang Court! You got to check it out for their great service & great quality of digital perm they gave me! It's not the aunty kind of curls that you will get, it was natural yet curly at the same time giving you voluminous tresses all the time :)

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  1. Hi Wanling!
    How long did your curls last? Haha.
    And do you know around how much it is?

    1. Hi Yanni! :) It lasted for 2 months plus, should have opted for tighter curls haha.. As mine was done by the creative director, the price range was around $200+ to $300 if I did not recall wrongly. :)