One of the best burgers I've ever had- Two Blur Guys [Review]

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Hi everyone! Here's another food review, a place to consider for your dinner or lunch gatherings in Central Singapore :D
A burger & bar joint concept with tantalising burgers that are in the perfect serving size~
Some of you might have heard of the first outlet at Orchid Hotel, now there's a 2nd outlet which is located conveniently near Raffles Place MRT station at 64 Boat Quay! Able to cater for bigger group gatherings :D
If you are wondering why they are called "Two Blur Guys", here's why:

With a deep passion for good food, beer and pastries, two blur guys Maximilian & Anthony came together to set up Two Blur Guys, a New York concept café in the bustling CBD.

With the help of their friend and renowned Chef, Jimmy Chok, mouth-watering burger recipes were created specially just for ‘Two Blur Guys’.

Sandwiched by specially designed wholemeal bread, ‘Two Blur Guys’ offers a menu of six different signature burgers ranging from Prime Beef, Grilled Chicken for those who like their traditional meat burgers to Smoked Salmon & Portobello Burgers for the weight watchers and more health conscious.

Here's how the interior looks like: 

Love the cute carplates :)

For those working in Raffles Place, do look out for their set lunch promo too! :D Free flow of drinks hehe! 
Perfect for our ABCE gathering! Hehe! :D

For the full menu, do check out this link below :D

Here's what we tried:

We had Truffle fries, Pulled Pork burger, Prime Beef with Portobello, Prime Beef with streaky bacon, the Lamb burger, and some of the special mocktails :D
The Prime Beef with Portobello
The huge portobello definitely helps to make the burger really juicy! Most importantly, the beef was tender and nicely done, not tough at all! YUMS!!
Pulled Pork Burger
The combination of Marinated pork, Gruyere Cheese & Honey Mustard was simply superb~ Every mouthful was filled with so much goodness :D *slurps*
Lamb/ Mutton Burger
Interesting rendition of the mutton/lamb patty :) 
Prime Beef with Streaky Bacon
The sinful combination; Prime Beef, Streaky bacon & Truffle mayonnaise! Yes, it's not just normal mayonnaise~ It's infused with truffle too! Just check out the generous filling in the burger when we sliced it into half :D
Our votes goes to the Pulled Pork Burger and Prime Beef with streaky bacon! Absolutely satisfying and worth the calories hehe.. Happiness with cheese oozing in your mouth with every mouthful :D Very generous helping of the meat patty too! Definitely worth a try!! 

In addition, the serving size was just right! Everyone managed to finish every single bit of their burger~ YUMS!

Two Blur Guys 

64 Boat Quay
6536 7904

Facebook Page:
Nearest MRT: Raffles Place Exit G

Call them to make reservations for your next dinner gathering with your pals now :D

Hope you enjoyed this review! Special thanks to Max for hosting us that night & thanks to Nicole from SD too! :p  More cafe reviews coming right up~

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