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Still cracking your head over what to get & how to celebrate the upcoming Valentine's Day? :) 
Here's some Valentine's Day gift ideas from The Edged to solve your problems! 

To me, a perfect Valentine's Day celebration would be a day out for a picnic where the both of you can just chillax and simply spend quality time with each other :D It's the perfect way to impress your other half as well! 
 You could prepare handmade snacks and desserts as well as gifts such as flowers and a personalised keychain for the picture perfect moment on this special day :) 

The musically talented guys can also bring along their guitar or ukelele and serenade your lucky girlfriend/wife with a song or two~
 The personalised keychain which you can put your initials :) Pretty exquisite right? 
And of course, Valentine's Day would not be complete without flowers :D do check out The Edged's collaboration with Florasia for the Valentine's special bundle~ Pretty flowers always makes a girl happy although she might say that it's a waste of money. You know girls do not always mean what they say right? :p

For the practical lovers, you could also opt for a cute pot of potted plant for your home/office space :D 

 Psst! Oh ya! Ladies can also get the personalised slingbags for their boyfriends/husbands :D  Couple slingbags anyone? This brown coloured sling bag is my personal favourite! Super versatile and matches almost anything you wear~  Perfect for school or a causal day out during the weekends. <3
You can check out the link here:

Hope you managed to get some ideas for the upcoming Valentine's Day! <3 
 Here's some behind the scenes images~

 Too many colours to choose from... I was spoilt for choice haha but I guess you can guess the colour which i picked :p Hot Pink woohoo~ Love the bling blings!

Do check out The Edged for your upcomingValentine's Day gifts :D

Picture credits to @cepheuschan
Thank you B for being so accommodating, love u! hehe <3
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone in advance! :)

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